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Kathryn Francis, Measuring Morality with Immersive Technology

Kathryn Francis, Measuring Morality with Immersive Technology

Institute of State & Law, 7th floor, Národní 18, Prague
29. 11. 2019

Dr. Kathryn Francis is Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Bradford, UK. Prior to this, she was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Reading, UK. Her interests lie at the intersection of psychology and philosophy, predominantly in moral cognition. She adopts interdisciplinary approaches to the investigation of cognitive and social phenomena.

Moral decision-making has long been studied using text-based vignettes adopted from philosophy. While these allow systematic comparisons of moral principles, they can lack contextual information. To address this, we have created Virtual Reality (VR) and Haptic VR simulations of moral dilemmas to assess moral decision-making. How we measure morality has implications for a number of different fields in moral psychology, moral philosophy, and beyond. We will review the interplay between technologies and moral decision-making and consider the implications of this emerging field of research.