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Institute of State & Law, CAS, Národní 18, Prague 1, 15:00
10. 11. 2023

Our speaker, Dr. Patrick Lin, is the director of the Ethics + Emerging Sciences Group, based at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, where he is a philosophy professor. He also currently serves on the US National Space Council’s Users Advisory Group and is affiliated with Stanford Law School, Czech Academy of Sciences, World Economic Forum, Aurelia Institute, and other leading organisations. He is a leading authority in technology ethics—including on frontier development (esp. outer space and the Arctic), AI, robotics, cybersecurity, bioengineering, nanotechnology, security technologies, and more—and is regularly invited to provide briefings on the subject to industry, media, and government. Currently, Dr. Lin is the principal investigator on two ethics projects funded by the US National Science Foundation, one on outer space cybersecurity (SaTC program) and the other on AI and robot ethics (NRI 3.0 program).

Abstract: Outer space law isn’t well developed; the main treaty dates back to 1967.  As such, it doesn’t account for modern realities (e.g., space debris) and ambitions (e.g., asteroid mining, off-world bases and colonies). This lecture will explain where the legal and policy gaps are, which are giving rise to ethical problems and can cause misunderstandings and conflicts.